The church is made of so many people, who give of their time and expertise, to help guide the structure of the “church”. From Executive Committee, Trustees and Staff Parish Relations Committees, these are all important to how St. John’s operates on a daily basis.


Executive Committee (Admin council)

Oversees all ministries of the church. Meets every other month with committee members and staff.

David Duffield - Chair, Jim Ogilvie - Lay Leader, Andrea Donohoe - Treasurer, Tim Gheen-Trustees Chair, Jeff Leonard - SPRC Chair, Doug Strauch - Finance Chair, Shawn Kern - Financial Secretary, Donna Myers - Lay Delegate, Mike Bill - Senior Pastor, Bill Yerkes, Assistant Pastor, Charlie Paul - Director of Worship, Jack Broomell -Director of Youth, Angie Boone - Director of Children's Ministries, Stephanie Faust - Office Manager, Tina Yerkes - Director of Communications/ Education Chair, Jim Cattell - Council of Ministries, Rodney Boylan -Men's Ministry , Bonnie Crosby - Soul Sisters & Hospitality, Tracy Duffield - Soul Sisters, Jerry Frecon - Member at Large, Sandy Gould - Social Concerns, Sonny Iuliano, Sharon Rattay - Education Co-Chair, Judy Shaffer -Missions, Pat Young, Deb Fineran


A committee of dedicated people who help to keep our building and parsonages in top condition.

Tim Gheen - Trustee Chair, President, Mark Oleson - Vice President, Ben Fogg, Bill Spindler, Gary Thornton, Dave Duffield, Sr. , Tom Cross - Cementary, Jim Donohoe, Darlene Dilks, Shawn Kern



Staff Parish Relations

This committee is the “HR” component of the church body.

Jeff Leonard - Chair, Jane Rotberg, Brian Myers, Ron Gould, Lorraine Pasquale, Jim Ogilvie, Sue Hall

Finance Committee - Please contact Church office for details and information at 856-227-6567