Global Missions

St. John's has a vibrant & active support system for our global missionaries. Some have grown out of our church and all have grown into our hearts. We support them through prayer, financial support and physical help through special events and mission trips. 

Cross necklaces that are being made for every child at the school in Cite Soleil

Cross necklaces that are being made for every child at the school in Cite Soleil

our faithful provisions

To provide meals to the people of City Soleil, Haiti, through monetary donations. We purchase food through our partners in Haiti and bring necessary supplies from the US. Mission trips to City Soleil include time to build, teach, and love the people of Greater Works Home for Girls.

Christmas Hope Sponsor - THANK YOU!!! We have made our goal!!

Christmas Hope

Prayers for Pakistan

Our church family is committed to praying for this nation.

Located in the northern mountains of Pakistan, the Mirzakhani people group has a population of 600, all whom practice Islam. They have no access to the Bible in their language, although they do have audio and video recordings of the Jesus film. Another group located in this area are the Burusho people. The villages of the Burusho people are hundreds of feet above the Hunza River. Travel is narrow by road. Travelling could be an obstacle to the gospel. Please pray for the leader of this people group to become Christian and lead others to Jesus Christ. 

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Our church and committee support various missions that are close to our hearts but around the world.   

George & Harriet Walker, US & Papua New Guinea

George & Harriet Walker, US & Papua New Guinea

Josh & Kelly Hallahan, Uganda

Josh & Kelly Hallahan, Uganda

Denny & Michelle Craker, East Asia

Wayne & Valerie Lunsford, West Asia, Wycliffe Bible Translators  

As a teen, Valerie Lunsford (Hansel) was an active member of our St. John's Youth Group. The Lunsfords have been serving the Lord with Wycliffe Bible Translators for over 20 years and have lived in West Asia for 17 years. For many years they lived and worked in one country. Now their focus has broadened to two countries, and a third, where they live. They ask for prayers for peace to be restored in West Asia as they meet with leaders and fieldworkers who have faced some very significant crises over the past year.

Wayne completed his PhD study program in International Development. He is involved in training and consultations with the training organization that they established many years ago. Valerie's role remains in the area of member care where she contributes to the care needs of people working in their beloved but very challenging part of the world.

Wayne and Valerie appreciate your prayers for them and their family and send their prayers for grace and peace.

Greater Works Home for Girls, Haiti

Sean Lunsford, Campus Ministry, VA Tech