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Strengthening and encouraging the connection between women through the love of Jesus Christ.

We are women who care about mind, body & soul. We love game nights, tea parties, wearing sparkly shirts, participating in marathons, and growing as women of faith.  Some participate in 5Ks or 8Ks.  Some do the whole Mud Run thing.  

We enjoy life, we love God and just have an overall amazing time together! No membership to join, no form to turn in. 

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Ladies Tea

Each year we organize a themed Women's Tea Event for fellowship and fun with our sisters in Christ, a retreat for strengthening our spirit and connecting with God and each other on a deeper level, and various events for maintaining strong and enduring bodies! 

Walk & talk 

Groups are forming to walk Washington Lake Park. Look for what days and times Soul Sisters will be present in the park! 

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special events & retreats

Women enjoy time together. Time in study is amazing but sometimes, there needs to be time away to recharge and refresh. 

March 1 - 3 Woman’s Retreat to Alexandria VA

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