But God Makes It Grow

Paul reminded the Corinthian church that “we are (all) co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building” (I Corinthians 3:9).  Just prior to this statement he provided the example that some plant, others water…“but God makes it grow.”  We are in the middle of our “Grow” series here at St. John’s and I am deeply appreciative for the ways in which God is growing our faith…individually and corporately as a church. 

Grow “Leaf” activity:  In what ways are you engaging your faith and growing towards maturity in Christ?  That was the goal we placed as a part of our vision process for this year.  Over the next two weeks, we are inviting people to go the lobby and grab a leaf.  Take a few minutes to write down ways in which you are “engaging” and “moving towards maturity.”  This is both a testimony of God’s grace for you as well as an encouragement for our church family.  Please consider participating in this activity…but don’t wait, the tree is up till June 23rd!

139 Ganttown Rd:  On Tuesday May 21st, we made settlement on this property adjacent to the church driveway near the senior pastor’s home.  We are excited about this opportunity to expand the ministry of our church.  The current plan is to use this building for our youth ministry, where our teens can have a place of their own…and where our community driving by can see and know that we value student ministry here at St. John’s.  Renovation work will be taking place over the summer, both contracted as well as opportunities for volunteering!

Summer Barbecues…and a church “block party?”:  We know that summer brings vacations, beach days, and irregular schedules.  While our routines change for a couple of months, we want to prioritize opportunities for fellowship together.  Please plan to attend (OR WE COULD STILL USE SOME HOSTS!) one of our “Backyard Barbecues.”  We are also in the beginning stages of planning an all church picnic or “block party” for the early fall.

Vacation Bible School:  VBS is a high point in the life of our church…and one of the best ways we can engage our community.  You have probably heard that we are lacking in volunteers this year compared to years past.  If you are available, even for part of the week, please sign up to help us!  You can go to the website or call the church office 856-227-6567.

Prayers for Charlie Paul:  Most of you are aware that Charlie Paul has been dealing with Congestive Heart Failure since April.  I want to invite you to continue to pray for Charlie—for his healing, for his energy level, and for God’s peace for him and Holly during these days.

Church Finances:  Thank you for your partnership, your faithfulness, and your giving!  Through the middle of May, giving was holding very close expenses.  Actual giving was about $ 4,000 below the amount budgeted.  Thanks again for your investment in the ministries of St. John’s!

Stay engaged with us over the summer:  Have you downloaded our church app?  If not, search for “St. John’s UMC” in the app store.  Follow us through Instagram and Facebook.  We are constantly increasing the resources there and the many ways you can stay connected to St. John’s while you’re away.

 There are many other things I could share with you.  God is at work at St. John’s and through St. John’s in our community.  As I come to the end of my second year as your pastor, I am humbled by your faithfulness and honored to serve as your pastor.  I am excited to see where God continues to move us as a congregation.  Again, if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above please feel free to contact me. 

                                                                                                Grateful for you! Mike Bill

Mike Bill