Backyard BBQ's are Coming Back!

Summer is a great time to get together, relax, share a meal and become better friends. This is our second year having Backyard BBQ’s and we are expecting to have just as much fun this year as we did in 2018!

We will post the various BBQ’s available and have people sign up for when they can attend and what they can bring.


  • The host determines date & time of your BBQ. However, we will not schedule more than one BBQ on the same day as to not have scheduling conflict.

  • We ask the hosts to provide the location and the main dish. The location can be outside or inside. If you are concerned that your home is not very child-friendly, that’s ok. We want to respect your home. Please let us know if you would like Child Friendly tag onto your BBQ or not.

  • Please also sign up to be a guest at a BBQ as well.

  • Ice-Breaking type questions will be provided should you want to engage in group conversation in an easygoing format.

  • Deadline to sign up to host is 6/23 via email


  • Select a date for a BBQ or BBQs that you can attend.

  • You are more than welcome to attend more than one BBQ

  • Please sign up for either a Side Dish, Dessert or Beverage to bring. This will help the Host to know how to plan for the BBQ.

  • Sign up Sheets will be located in the FLC on Sunday, June 30th.

It is a really simple way to get to know each other and build more of a community among the people of St. John’s. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tina at 856-227-6567 or

Tina Yerkes